Are You Optimizing Your Hiring
and Retention Talents?

Does your budget, productivity and human capital suffer because of high turnover and poor performance?

Our company offers cutting-edge assessment testing to better serve your human resources needs. As a neutral third-party, we are qualified to administer assessment tests that are well-respected and used by Fortune 500 Companies.
We invite you to let Comprehensive Career Services alleviate the guesswork and legwork typically assoicated with candidate screening. Although we tailor candidate screening solutions to clients’ assessment needs, the foundation of all solutions wer recommend involves the following key steps:

Step 1: Analyze the Target Job. We will work closely with your organization to understand and thoroughly analyze the target job. We identify key responsibilities, uncover critical job-related competencies, and define how your organization defines optimal performance.

Step 2: Candidate Screening Blueprint.Based on the results of Step 1, we will identify the prescreening and assessment tools best suited to helping you identify candidates most likely to demonstrate strong job performance. Our battery of assessment tools include:

  • Industry-standard personality-based candidate screening tools.
  • A summary of potential concerns on how a person approaches others at work
  • A summary of characteristics that are noticed quickly by others
  • Structured interviews-we can design a tailor-made, professional interview process to effectively select the most suitable individual for a particular job

Step 3: Implementation.We will implement and manage the entire candidate screening system from start to finish, as a result, ensuring that you devote your valuable time to interacting only with high-potential candidates likely to meet, and often, exceed your expectations.


Does your organization need to achieve a goal or meet a new challenge? Perhaps you do not have the current staff available to complete a particular assignment, yet you are not in the position to hire a full-time employee, either.
If you are in this situation, we might have just the service you need. Your challenge may be solved by utilizing a Contract Temporary Candidate.

We will help you design the “Project Assignment” and then complete a contract proposal. We will then help you advertise, recruit, and select the most appropriate individual for this assignment.Essentially, CCS will act as the liaison for both your organization and the contracted individual. Ultimately, you may decide to hire this contractor on a permanent basis, but you are not obligated to do so.


Our company offers specific tailor-made services that can greatly assist you in preparing for your busy seasons, or “crunch times.” We will complete designated assignments according to your specifications. These individual services include:

  • Advertise for positions and assist you in creating the most accurate job description
  • Collect resumes, applications and assist in prescreening applicants
  • Provide designated prescreening assessments
  • Conduct preliminary interviews accroding to your specifications
  • Provide your HR Department with the most qualified and appropriate job candidates for each position

WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF USING EMPLOYMENT ASSESSMENTS?The professional administration and evaluation of these assessments ensures more successful hiring decisions-this takes the “guess work” out of deciding among many seemingly equally qualified applicants.The use of these assessments will allow you to make more accurate and systematic job matching assignments.You are more likely to make the “most accurate” job description with the very most qualified individual.

You may use these assessments for the purpose of “talent management” – specifically, your trained consultant can assist you in determining the very best job hire by the interpretation of these assessments with traits “top performers” in your organization exhibit, and then, identify what traits others must develop in order to reach that level.

The professional administration of these assessments can greatly decrease costly hiring mistakes and turnover expenses.

The assessments and interviews can be tailor-made for specific industries (i.e., retail, finance and or/medical) thus making the process even more effective.

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