A California owned and operated company, Comprehensive Career Services is dedicated to local professional placement. We are well adept at understanding the needs of employers and employees in all California metropolian areas.

We use a computerized program for indivdiualized, pre-employment specified assessment which allows us to search our database in a seamless and effective manner. Our employees are thoroughly pre-screened with our employers in mind.

Our Unique Characteristics

We consider ourselves the “boutique” within the huge arena of recruitment agencies. We provide concierge types of services and amenities to our company clients and to our applicants. We have a talent for mixing efficient, cutting-edge technology with a personal,human ability to create and sustain excellent relationships with both the client company and the individual applicant.

Comprehensive Career Services has a proven track record of working in-house with both management and staff, while developing and maintaining trusting and long-term relationships. Our goal is to evaluate and learn exactly what your employment needs and management style really are. After this information is obtained, we can then tailor our recruitment activities to fit your company needs at any particular time.

You can count on us for all your staffing needs. And employees: you can count on the fact that we take the time to listen carefully to your long and short term goals. We never submit resumes unsolicited. Our community contacts are what makes Comprehensive Career Services your one stop employment agency.

Susan Moranda is the owner/operator of Comprehensive Career Services, serving various regions in California. She has a Master of Science in Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling (3.9 GPA) and is currently pursuing a post graduate degree as well. She has taken ongoing courses in human resources management which inlcude specialities in human resource law, recruitment ,retention and outboarding. She is certified to administer and interpret the HOGAN Assessment to company employees. She has testified in thousands of of federal cases over the past 12 years, providing expert witness testimony to the federal court system. She has been awarded several federal contracts over the past 15 years. She has a life-long teaching credential with the California Community College System. She is committed to assisting employers find the ideal candidate match, and also, helping professional applicants find their dream job assignment that best suits their personality and honors their talent.